hiya, thank you for checking out this page! here i'll store all of the links that i'm saving for future use or have previously found helpful. this will be updated as often as i find more links to put, so stay tuned!



beginner witchcraft resourcesspell collection by belladonna (like... a WHOLE variety)orriculum's witchcraft masterpostconnecting with deitiescircle casting 101tarot resourcessigilsherb listalchemical table of symbolssleep sachet


the magick cabinet - incense, crystals, bottles, smudges, herbal mixes
nuitapothecary - oils, herbs, runes
the magickal cat - crystal balls, gemstones, candles, herbs, aids, mixes
13moons - wands, athames, candles, brooms, besoms, gemstones, statues, books, scrying mirrors, chalices, runes, altar tables
SoulsticeJourney crystals and stones

astrological magic

astrology terms
linda goodman's love signs

draconic magic

dancing with dragons by D.J. Conway

fae magic

how to attract faeriesfaerie witch teafaeries are welcome sigilsummoning a sleep faerie

love magic

flower moon jar spell

sea magic

sea knot wish bracelet spell

art + oc creation

80's anime style art (video)glitch effect with sai (video)glow effect with sai (video)lighting the face (video)how to shade metal (video)character questionsvisually impaired spellsspell scars


worldanvil - worldbuilding tool ***
body languagesimple yet effective writing tipssurvivallimits of the human bodygenre tropes



100 pink tile bgspixel bgspixel bgs 2


deviantart stamps


pixel-souppixels--galorepixel-gardenpixel tile backgroundscute.lolipop.jp graphics/pixelsangelnet.velvet.jp graphics/pixels


playmoss - makes playlists and can collect music videos directly from youtube and playlists from spotify
scratchpad.io - a realtime html + css editor
waifu2x - single-image super-resolution. reduces JPEG noise and can upscale images.
blender - open source 3d creation, completely free
cbox - makes chatboxes you can customize and use for free
eat good and cheap by leanne brown - a pdf that gives you recipes for meals that cost roughly $4.
anime recipes - recipes for foods from animes
irishcottagecafe's recipes - various cottagecore/cozycore recipes
duolingo - learn a new language
memrise - learn a new language pt 2.
2017 flower guide jordan clark - makes DIY videos, drawing tutorials, vlogs, printables, journal setups, etc.! super relaxing and lovely //
how to toothpaste