jan. 13 added merch page to directory.

jan. 12 added nostalgic's stamp to site.

dec. 31 changed the backgrounds of index.html, interests.html, links.html. edited ocs.html and links.html.

dec. 30 edited about.html. added stuff to mine.html. edited ocs.html.

dec. 28 edited comfy.html. updated about.html + interests.html. added an image to girls.html.

dec. 26 linked comfy.html in about.html. created and edited wish.html and merch.html.

dec. 25 created and added a chatbox link to my pages, added a link to resources.html, edited interests.html (minimally), and added more links to links.html. also added some stuff to mine.html.

dec. 24 added journal entries and a dream diary section to about.html! added some stuff to the anjel shrine.

dec. 23 added turd and punchy's neocities stamps to the site and linked to them. edited the tooltips as well, but i'm not sure if i like them the way they currently are. made my own site stamp and added it to the roster, added some stuff to the resources.html page! ^q^

dec. 22 set mark's art to the image header of directory.html (it's so cute i love him for it), also edited resources.html although it's still a WIP. finished setting all of the favicons, except for WIP pages. created comfy.html and finished it.

dec. 20: index.html completed. about.html completed. contact.html completed. interests.html WIP. resources.html WIP. directory.html WIP. mine.html WIP. also, FINALLY added favicons... and put my art as the site header.

dec. 19: changed handles from naa to fruitmelt.